How to zoom in, zoom out and pan tutorial - Adobe Xd Zoom Tool

Welcome to Skilldiesel In this video, I explain how to zoom in, zoom out, and pan tutorial - Adobe Xd Zoom Tool, Hand Tool.
Press letter 'Z' (for zoom tool)
select zoom tool presses simple click for zoom in. Press ALT and then click for Zoom out.

Why you use Adobe XD? Is Adobe XD is free?

Adobe XD is a UI/UX design tool made for Designer to develop user experience design. It’s developed by Adobe for the Creative Cloud. It is used to UI interfaces of mobile, web, and you can animate them by creating a prototype.

Yes, it’s free. Adobe company has allowed downloading this application from the Creative Cloud Suite for free and you can use it without any time limitation. The user can create multiple files of interfaces and save in their PC/Laptop for both Windows/Mac and use all the features of this application including Type kit and CC Library. You can create a prototype with updated animation features.

Any Limitations then? About limitation, you can say yes, there is some limitation for free users. You can use all features of a prototype for your individual level but if you work as a team or organization you must buy the adobe product for commercial purposes. You can use the prototype for your own purpose but if you want to share for commercial purposes you must purchase the adobe license.