what is Instagram, how to use Instagram properly, and why to use it is I...

what is Instagram, how to use Instagram properly, and why to use
it is Instagram free?

What is Instagram and why use it is Instagram free? It is a popular social media tool for photo-sharing from smartphones. Most likely people post content like photos and videos that best relate either their personal brand or business. If you compared Instagram with other social networks, it’s relatively simple. It concentrates on sharing photos and videos with your friends and social community.

Why you use Instagram?
At this point, every user who starts using Instagram thinking: Why I need a separate app for sharing photos? I can just post my photos on Facebook or another social network? 
One reason for the popularity is its simplicity, which makes it easy to share photos and see photos for your friends. Another reason is Filters people like using Instagram. When you take a photo on Instagram, you can easily and quickly apply a filter to images without using any application. Filters can help transform a normal photo into something valuable.

How to use Instagram properly?
I. Most of the people post their own photos and give updates about their daily life which includes a few of the things like:
and all other activities and changes that take place in their lives. When a post is published on your account with a profile picture friends like and make a comment on them and share.
II. Instagram use for business, people make their business account and use for social media marketing where they sell their products that include Shopify, affiliate, and local business services. These people post and give information to the public about the importance and essence of their work or service. They try to do copy write their product and convince their audience to use the product.

Some of the important parts of Instagram marketing includes:
           Brand Awareness
           User interaction
           Help service and solve problems
           Free services and courses
After the completion of 10000 followers, Instagram allows special marketing features
You can share the URL of your website, channel, or other sources in your story. In
this way, people see the story and click on the link.

Is Instagram appropriate relevant for everyone?
Almost all social networking sites and applications, you must be at least 13 years old to create an account on Instagram. While you may see inappropriate content on Instagram, it has rules for banning nudity and other types of offensive posts. But this is very useful for branding purposes.

Why use Hashtags in the Instagram posts?
Hashtags are used by the community of Instagram are involve increasing the audience of your message, branded hashtags are created to connect the community of your people. Getting your Instagram followers to use your branded hashtag in their posts and stories are the only way to getting popular on Instagram.

Reasons Why You Should Use Hashtags in Instagram:
1- Branding Awareness
2- More Visibility
3- Chance to become a Trend