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Top 06 Most Useful websites of Free and Paid Courses

In 2020, due to could-19 all fields related to education are also affected. In Pakistan, almost all education is doing physical presence education but due to covid-19 all institutions are closed and doing online education. This situation is almost all over the world. In the old day’s people focus on a single career and continue their work at different positions for the rest of their life. But this graph is changing from the last fifteen years this is because of the latest technology trends have forced people to start new careers. If you want to start a new career, you need skill sets with the advance in modern technology. These skills are available online through different websites that offer online paid and free courses. Top universities of the world that are certified are giving online education by lunching free course sites. Most of the websites start giving free courses to students or any field related person due to COVID-19 condition all over the world. But there is some limitation you pay a small number of a fee to these websites to get proper certification but if you don’t pay money, you can access the complete course but without certification.

In the above video link, I explain the six best online course websites which give you free courses with certification like Google digital marketing course, udemy free courses, Coursera free online courses, Alison free online courses, etc. The following are the websites which help you to learn new skills that are in demand. Many friends asked me about free websites where we do free online courses. In this video, I explain 06 websites through which you can do free online courses. To access free courses you must create an account on each website and then enroll or start a course as your need.

The 06 websites we review are:

learner courses

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In my opinion, these are the best websites to learn a new skills in the COVID-19 situation 2020.