Learn How and Why we use Text Tool in adobe XD - Adobe XD 2020 Tutorial



Learn How and Why we use Text Tool in Adobe XD - Adobe XD 2020 Tutorial | Lecture 07

Welcome to skill Diesel in adobe xd 2020 tutorials

In this video, I explain how we use

1. Text Tool

in Adobe XD 2020.

I this video I explain all properties which are available with this tool. I also create a starting screen, adobe xd Menu, adobe xd auto animate. For example by using this adobe xd line tool, Adobe xd Polygon Tool, rectangle, and ellipse tool.

Both tools are very useful for presenting different components of design and easy to use.

These Tools are mainly used for wireframe designing or any geometrical shape in Adobe XD.

I also explain the use and purpose of the Repeat Grid option in Adobe XD which is very helpful for repeating the same steps again and again.

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