How to Bid Successfully On Freelancer


How to Bid Successfully On Freelancer

In freelancer jobs, it's a continuous learning process, and after some work, you can know what can earn you the interest of the client. This is the main question that every beginner asked in freelancing, how to bid on a freelancer? Or any other freelancing platform. If you are new in the freelancing world, then you should bid on small than other freelancers to get a job. But, it builds upon on the type of project. If the task you get from the client needs efficiency and quality, then you can bid high than the bid range if you are sure you can give quality work you will surely get the job. Because whenever the client needs quality they don’t consider project cost.

Some points will help you to create your career as a freelancer:

First, you about, what you need when you are in a bidding on freelancing projects?

1.         Knowledge about project

2.         Perfect skill

3.         Time management

Secondly, what are the questions you need to look at before bidding on a particular project?

1.         What is the worth of the project and How much you are getting?

2.         How much work you do and fast you have to do for completing this project?

Third, what are the questions and things that you have you absolutely at the time of bidding?

1.         How many times you require to complete this project?

2.         In how much money you will do the project?

3.         Complete Proposal

4.         True Profile (in profile show all your real data along with work)

Last, now consider the project from the client perspective who is hiring someone that is What he wants?

1.         Low-cost project

2.         Good Quality work

3.         Complete in less time.

I worked as a freelancer for a short time but I learn many forms freelancing as a freelancer. Some of the best strategies for winning projects in the freelancing market.

1.         Don’t use the word “bid” (even in your own proposal header). It shows that you’re thinking about your work as a commodity or asset. You need to have the lowest price to win the job. Your attitude determines your cost, which determines whether or not clients will hire you.

2.         Focus on helping the client, not to get the project. Clients don’t care about giving you a job, they need to complete their goals. If you satisfy the client that you are present to help him not to get a project, by giving him some reasons why you want to work with the client? If you succeed to satisfy the client.

3.         About yourself don’t use too many words ‘I’. If your proposals are full of the word ‘I’ then this shows you are not writing very good proposals. This will affect you to get projects from clients.

4.         Use the client’s name and word “you” as much as possible. Whenever you use the word “you” you’re pointing to the client and their goals, which means you’re apparently on the right track.

5.         Think of your proposal as a conversation, not a sales letter. No one likes a sales letter proposal. The major point of your proposal should be to move your client to a phone call, message, or skype call. This makes it easier to get hired for the project.

6.         In your proposal you should ask for a 05-minute call to talk more about their project. You can ask for a video call on skype but voice calls are low pressure, 5 minutes isn’t a lot of time so, clients like talking about their projects.

7.         Your proposal ends with a question. If the client reacts to your question you now have an open chance of getting hired but this will also depend upon what type of conversation you do, you satisfy your client or not.


For biding in every project proposal is the main factor so when you are bidding on a project consider these points in mind this will help you to get the project. In last freelancing is also based on your luck but you should complete your work.

First of all, read the job description and understand your role, whether it's a blogging opportunity or only editing as a virtual assistant.