What is freelancing? Should I be a freelancer? Is Freelancing is a Right Career for You in Pakistan?

What is freelancing? Should I be a freelancer? Is Freelancing is a Right Career for You in Pakistan?


In the past few years, self-employed individuals and small-scale business holders have made a noticeable effect on the national economy of Pakistan and this happened in many other countries. At this time many people have no idea about What is freelancing and freelancer? Why and how we start freelancing related to their fields?

What are freelancing and freelancer?

Freelancing meaning is self-employed on a project-based or hour based. In recent years, the word “freelancing” has gained some hype. However, there are not many people who can clearly say what kind of freelancing is. A freelancer is a person who doesn’t belong to a company, organization, etc. but give services freely according to their work. Like you know about SEO Marketing, so you can give services to single clients or companies by using the different platforms of freelancing.

In simple and easy language, freelancer or freelance worker means you are the owner of your own company. There are many platforms for freelancing, where you have to make a portfolio and then just have to give some basic information about the skills you know. A portfolio means screenshots and descriptions of the projects that you have done before for other clients.

How do we start freelancing in their fields?

If you have any technical knowledge or Non-technical knowledge, you can become a freelancer. Now technical knowledge means web development, graphic designing, App development like Android or iOS, etc. On the other hand, Non-technical knowledge means you are a teacher so, you can give a live session to your student online, content writing, etc. If you have knowledge related to any topic or field you can become a freelancer by giving your services to other people.

There is an important tip for beginner freelancers is that for the sake of building a more attractive portfolio search the client around your area where you live in the local market or find clients in your relative give him free offer to create their projects. This is the simple and best but not easy way to create a more attractive portfolio. Then you have to create you’re on service or gig. Almost in all platforms, you bid for projects matching your skills.

Freelancing in Pakistan:

Pakistan is benefiting largely from the gig economy as according to the gig economy index Pakistan ranked in the top 10 countries in earning money from freelancing as well as companies in Pakistan also start hiring freelancers as independent workers rather than permanent staff hiring. In the future, those who have skills get the job according to their skill criteria. As in Pakistan mostly youngsters that’s why they are more engaged in freelancing that makes gig and bid on projects economy increase 47 % in Pakistan and government need to notice this factor and start investing more on the digital skills of people to more increase this market because in Pakistan there is an issue of unemployment so this is the great way for people to earn money in Pakistan. Pakistan is the only developing country in the top list of gig economy all others are developed countries that this will give Pakistan a competitive advantage only because of its youth and people use Payoneer’s payment method to withdraw their earned money.

In addition, Pakistan came in the top list of freelance markets break India, Russia & Bangladesh behind. This report was taken by a sample of 300 million freelancers from the Pakistan region in Payoneer’s network. It was also mentioned, That Pakistani freelancers are mostly youngsters looking forward to starting a career in the freelancing market.


Is Freelancing is a Right Career for You in Pakistan?

Freelancing market growth is unexpectedly more from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines & India, and freelancing is become the industry from the market to support the economy. The main reason for the growth is less payment rate in regular jobs in these countries. People are more interested in self-employed and want more earnings than regular 9 to 5 jobs. Even, people who started as freelancers have developed their own companies by now and hire local freelancers from these countries. Freelancing is not allowing only to pick a project and make money but also this provides the facility to pick the project according to your skillset and your passion.

After the crisis of COVID 19, the economy of Pakistan is not stable at this time. This situation is all ground the world businesses are shutting down, stock markets are crashed and many people are fired from their jobs only the reason is COVID 19. If you are a freelancer or you want to become a freelancer and provide services to people all around the internet. This is the best time for you to start freelancing. There are some important points that you must if you are a freelancer or you want to become a freelancer, first, figure out where you stand, the second review your business tools, platforms, and expenses, the third point is to explore alternative financing options this means to start doing more services if you are a freelancer, the Fourth point is to expand your network by using digital marketing or social media marketing, the fifth point transfers your work on online means give services all around the world by using different platforms of freelancing and last point invest time in developing your skills do more practice.  

Should I be a freelancer?

If you asking me about this question, my answer is yes, you definitely become a freelancer. There are some advantages and disadvantages to freelancing before starting freelancing you must know about all situations you have to face while you become a freelancer.

These are some favorite things for freelancers:

Always work opportunities. When you are using any freelancing platform there is a big opportunity that every hour, there are dozens of new jobs are posted on your freelancing platform. Of course, you won’t do more than 2 to 5 tasks at the same time so you can send to your network in this way other freelancers get tasks.

Control your Schedule. In freelancing, there is no limitation of a 9 to 5 job. You can work you want, you can work 24 hours if you want more success and more money quickly.

Opportunity to get more experience. You can work with different clients on various projects in this way you face different experiences in your work life.

Who you work with. You have all right if you don’t want to do work with the client you can apologize and can find another one.

These are some drawbacks or downsides I mentioned about freelancer:

Discipline and routine. This means if you want to become a good freelancer, you have to be self-motivated and follow the discipline made on your own because there is no boss present on you so you become your boss and you follow your rules.

There won’t be work. In this situation of COIVD 19, many freelancers don’t get projects from clients because project quantity is reducing due to COIVD 19. At this time never less your motivation and hope for good.

You'll work longer hours. As you know freelancers work strictly to an hour. Sometimes you are not able to do work consistently, this will affect your income you getting from freelancing. You should try for longer work, so you take the task as a regular job.

Get your first gig. Don’t feel demotivated if you don’t get your first gig rank. In general, this will take months to start your first gig but if your gig started then you get more orders or tasks after a few times. Gig ranking also based on your luck some freelancers got their gig ranked in their first month but some are not.

Categories of freelancers:

There are several categories of freelancers in the freelance market with each group having different expectations and goals for their business. Freelancing is a great option for most people looking for that extra freedom and not happy from the traditional 9-5 environment.


These freelancers have a part-time or full-time job and use freelancing to extra their income after their day job. Side project freelancers are in the step of starting their freelance businesses and try to turn it into full-time freelance.


Full-time freelancers are those that work as a freelancer completing different projects or tasks for a number of clients. Full-time freelancers are work from home or some time it creates its own small office place and charges an hourly or project rate for their time. This will have helped him to start their own freelancing business.


These freelancers work for one client at a time to complete the project. This is the best way to go if you want to work certain months of the year and have set goals. This category is not easy to maintain because you are based on a single source of income which makes many difficulties in your life to manage cash flow.


Freelance business owners are those people who start freelancing as creating their own business by hiring freelancers with him to complete projects. Although they use the same traditional freelance project they have found ways to create a more secure way of income in their business.


How do you become a freelancer?

To start your freelancing career, you must know six steps to get started:

Step 1: Consider even if freelancing is for you.

Freelancing has its advantages and disadvantages, but in general, you must analyze yourself that can you do this as a full-time job or project-based. In starting you face many difficulties starting your freelancing work.

If you want to become a freelancer, you should manage your daily work routine, be ready to take several projects at the same time, and continually look for new projects, so you can manage the flow of work.

If you're doing a full-time job, don't lose it immediately. Instead, combine freelancing and full-time work until you manage many clients and connections to support yourself as a freelancer

Step 2: Find a platform.

Most freelancers use freelancing platforms to find work. Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and freelancer these are some main platform for freelancers.

Use social media channels like LinkedIn can also be a great source of gigs, platforms are popular because they allow you to connect with clients who looking for freelancers.

Also, most of these platforms have rules, regulations, and protection rules both for buyers and freelance workers. On freelance platforms, every project you have having some terms and conditions. Normally, there are two types of freelancing platforms are available:

1.     Traditional freelancing

2.     Non-traditional freelancing

Traditional freelancing means freelancers bid on client’s projects. Clients review their bid and give project if he or she is satisfied with freelancer work that is shown by freelancers like Upwork, Guru, PeoplePerHour, etc. The second is nontraditional in this freelancer create their service or gig with require details needed and clients visit the website and select any freelancer as they needed like Fiverr, Workchest, etc.

Step 3: Frame your profile:

 You don't have to prepare a traditional CV, as most freelancing websites gave you a designed template that you need to fill out with your information, but fill the complete and correct information about yourself.

Take time to create a valuable profile that will tell your clients about your education, skills, ability, and work experience.

Step 4: Prepare your portfolio:

Your profile may state that what you are? But when you build your portfolio this will reflect the clients about your working experience inside the internet or freelancing world. You should build a portfolio by using real project images, data, and details. This will help you to satisfy your client as a freelancer.

Step 5: Find your price:

Discussion about discounts, while your hourly rate or project price more depends on your skill set and work experience. I already describe how this affects both freelancers and the quality of work.

If you have only a few years of experience, of course, you can’t charge the same rate as a freelancer with 10 years of work experience. However, if you wanted to turn your freelancing into your full-time job, the rate should fulfill your monthly expenses.

Step 6: Find work as a freelancer:

If you're sincerely looking for projects and clients. There are two types of methods to find work on the freelancing market that I already explain in this article.

 There are a few tips to help you find them. First, apply only for the jobs you are positive you can do. You shouldn’t be applying for a project you cannot complete on time with satisfying results. As a freelancer, you're building your portfolio from start and exclusively in the beginning.



These are some important points to freelancing as a career choice in Pakistan. However, there’s a lot more improvement within the freelancing industry. Also that you’re able to do anything in the freelance market requires but only when you’re passionate and start freelancing according to your ability.

Freelance is a straight forward career line. Before starting freelancing you should do your self-analysis & asking yourself questions like how to build a personal brand, how & what type of job you want & how to stable in this field.

The only last point is being you ready to take challenges and risks to start your own business of freelancing?