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Developer's experience and advice for junior programmers

In today's world when every day there is new language / framework / solution came out to play with, as beginner I would highly recommend following suggestions :

  1. Focus on logic and concepts that would help to be language independent developer.
  2. Don't focus on languages rather focus on concepts.
  3. Unit tests and automation is always important, with the time project grow bigger and bigger and it would be difficult to handle without unit tests and/or automation.
  4. Whatever language you code in, be expert to debug and dig deep down to fetch reasons of issues rather than hit and trial.
  5. Programming is creative field, mistakes may happen and will happen. Learn from them and accept them.
  6. Like Edison says, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Practice makes the man perfect.
  7. Try to make habit of reviewing the code. Code reviews are 60% for your job rather then coding.

Above is the essence of what I have learned, experience and observe. That would help the beginners to build their path to success.