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Setup Protractor for eclipse - Testing using Protractor - Part 1

Recently have got chance to hands on with protractor for testing anguarJs application. I am more comfortable to use eclipse IDE but you may use which ever suites you and you are comfortable with. I have my own motive "connect plugin with eclipse and stay away from command prompt" :D 

Lets start with installation, which the first and the most essential part to begin with in software industry. There is a saying about software development "practical matters here ..."

Steps :

  • First lets download Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers from”  or if you have eclipse  on your machine already then from menu Goto ->help-> eclipse Market place -> search “angularJS eclipse”-> install.
  • Second step would be to extract compressed file.
  • Then run Eclipse.exe file
  • Add protractor plugin to eclipse
  • At last there is a tip i.e. if you are session expire issues check your internet speed, most probably would be the cause of this.

That's it , now you are in software ready condition, next will explain you now to create, run and analyze tests using protractor. Next is action time!