For programmers, testers and tech geeks Core , features and updates

From last 15 years evolved much from version 1.0 to 4.x and helped developers to create amazing web applications. Recently Microsoft announced new series of version stared with Core 1.0 which brings huge turn in features as well as architectural updates. Most important above of that technical stuff Core is an open source framework ( source code can be found here ) which allows us to develop and run web applications on Windows, Linux and Mac at same time. combined both MVC and Webapi into a single web framework.
Lets now discuss the Architectural changes that are the part of Core 1.0 one by one.

  • Core is much leaner, light weight and modular which means all features are available as Nuget packages for better optimization and of-course System.Web.dll is no longer required for web applications.
  • Core supports side by side app versioning from now.
  • Updated tooling that simplifies modern web development.
  • Single application for both WebUI and Web APIs.
  • Cloud ready environment based configuration.
  • Dependency injection support is built-in in Core.
  • Tag Helpers.
  • Core support both hosing on IIS as well as on self host in own process.

Once you started with Core , visual studio ( 2015, 2017 ) will have following changes visible to developers :
Web section in new project templates will now have following three templates to start :

  1. NET Web Application – the ASP.NET application templates you’ve known and used.
  2. NET Core Web Application (.NET Core) – This will start you with a cross-platform compatible project that runs on the .NET Core framework.
  3. NET Core Web Application (.NET Framework) – This starts a new project that runs on the standard .NET Framework on Windows.

Developers can also start new web applications from command line from any platform. To start an application execute following command :

dotnet new -t web

This will create a default basic web application with c#. To start this application run

dotnet restore
dotnet run

With this your application with get started in browser.


There are made large changes to the ASP.NET Core product. If you are using ASP.NET 4.6, you can still use those frameworks and libraries. If you’re building a new application or you need to build an application that runs cross-platform,  use ASP.NET Core and give it a try. With fully open, fully cross-platform .NET framework and libraries there is no reason not to use ASP.NET Core and .NET Core.