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WCF introduction

WCF is .net framework ships with .net  for building service oriented applications , used to send data asynchronously from one service end point to another. Service endpoint may be an independent service available all the time or a part of another application ( hosted in it ). The data which it sends could be a text, xml or complex such as binary stream etc.We can use WCF for real time data exchange, polling , business transactions etc.

Some key characteristics of WCF are :

  • Service Orientation
  • Interoperability
  • Multiple Message Patterns
  • Service Metadata
  • Data Contracts
  • Security
  • Multiple Transports and Encodings
  • Reliable and Queued Messages
  • Durable Messages
  • Transactions
  • Ajax and Rest Support
  • Extensibility

Why to use WCF instead of conventional Web Services:

WCF Service Web Service
-> Communication can happen over HTTP,TCP, IPC or even MSMQ.
-> It can be configured to have simplex,request-response or even full duplex communication.
-> Can be hosted inside web server or event self hosted.
-> Communication can happen over HTTP only.
-> Only simplex and request-response    communication is possible.
-> Work in stateless fashion over HTTP and hosted inside a web server.
That was very simple introduction to WCF , stay tuned :)