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PTCL EVO 3g , modem is already in use or not configured properly

Today I faced very annoying issue with PTCL EVO 3g, that is when I connected evo to may laptop ( with OS Windows 8 pro ) first time it configured well and was started working fine but when second time I plug-in the device it starting giving me error " Error:633 modem is already in use or not configured properly " , even I have uninstalled the driver and evo 3g software but still issue was giving me headache, after hours of brain burning I finally got succeed to configure it again to work properly.
Following are steps which needs to follow :
  • First go to Control Panel , then open Device Manager
  • Double click Modems and double click evo USB Modem
  • This will open a new tabbed window, then go to Advanced tab
  • On that tab click Advanced Port Settings and change the COM Port Number to COM1 or COM3 provided that which one is free.
Then restart your system and you have done it.