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BlogEngine.Net latest posts not getting shown

Guys, recently we bunch of friends started Technical Talk portal here : , and chose to use instead of Wordpress as it is too big and too much extra things to maintain and also we are .Net geeks so we love something in .net :D . Anyway we recently found an issue with that our newly created posts are not getting shown to public users. So, for the sake of fixing I checked in recent code from GitHub , and started debugging the code.

I found that in code there were used 2 checks in BlogEngine.Core package in Post.cs class like this :

1 ) else if (this.IsPublished && this.DateCreated <= BlogSettings.Instance.FromUtc())

2 ) return (this.IsPublished && this.IsDeleted == false && this.DateCreated <= BlogSettings.Instance.FromUtc());

which were showing posts according to server time, so I just comment those lines and those lines get modified like this : 

1 ) else if (this.IsPublished )

2 ) return (this.IsPublished && this.IsDeleted == false );

Then rebuild project and update the new .dll on hosting.