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Usage of technical terminology In reporting software issue/bugs/defects

We are working in software world, in this industry teams or group of people have to work together to accomplish certain task. So each individual is assigned particular role and assigned sub-task according his/her skill set. Every member has specific level of skills set. There is major departments involved in software development team are "Quality assurance" role and "Developer" role.
Mostly bugs/improvements/suggestions/errors/defects are being reported or initiated by QA personal; as per bug life cycle.
Now a days there are many organizations following agile-scrum methodology so every team consists of senior, middle level and junior resource.
To explain importance of reporting issues with technically, I would like to explain the bug life cycle from start; so from start of the bug life cycle some QA resource has to report bug.
1. Its status would be New and open; and has to be assigned to some developer to be fixed.
2. When it is assigned to someone(development resource) it is active and in progress of fixation.
My point is at point 2 if some development member has assigned a task that is not reported with technical terminology; there would be two major draw backs
a) Time/money wastage
for example I have reported a bug as following:
 " I just tried to save a new person record and it didn't work properly".
I Have taken this example from here.
b) Team division (QA vs Dev)

When Assigned team member would be unable to understand the bug and for each bug they have to ping again and again that reporter for each bug explanation, then team become aggressive for reporter not for fixing that issue but for wasting time for explanation of that bug.